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  Sweet Basil Guava(Farang) Pulae Pineapple (Exotic Pineapple) Taro Jack fruit Red Maradol Papaya (Ma-La-Gor) White Aubergin Bitter Melon (Thai) Banana Leaves Lemon Grass (Ta-Khrai) Longan(Lam-Yai) Kayang Leaves Sweet Tamarind Makuepoung Asparagus Pandan Leaves Starfruit Fresh Green Peppercorns Sugar Free Dehydrated Lychee Hairy Basil Thai Chives Marian Plum (Ma-Prang) Yard Long Bean (Thua Fak Yao) Penny Wort (Bi-Bua-Bok) Hawaii Papaya Baby Corn Sugar Apple,Cherimoya (Noi-Na) Morning Glory Sugar free dehydrated red dragon fruit Golden Mango (Nam-Dok-Mai Mango) Eggplant Purple Small Rose Apple (Chomphu) Rambutan Sugar Free Dehydrated Papaya Sugar Free Dehydrated Pineapples Dice Baby Mango (Aok Rong Mango) Exotic Mango (Ma-Ha-Cha-Nok Mango) Ginger Mature (ship by Sea Freight) Pomelo (Som-O) Green Mango (Khiao Sawoei Mango) Coriander Mangosteen (Mang Khut) Kale Red Dragon Fruit Young Ginger Chili Big Red, Green, Yellow Jackfruit Seed Stinking Pai leaves Sugar Free Dehydrated Young Coconut Okra Lime Leaves Sugar Free Dehydrated Pineapples Red Passion fruit Sugar Free Dehydrated Papaya Ring lychee (Lin-Chi) Spring Onion Mini Pak Choy Betel Leaves Galangal Sugar Free Dehydrated Durian Durian Peppermint Sugar Free Dehydrated Longan Chili  
 Fresh Vegetables    Exotic Fruits    Dehydrated Fruits (Sugar Free)  
    Factory and Packing House Mountain Plus
      Mountain Plus Co.,Ltd. was established in 2005 from management team who have specialize knowledge in food industry for produce and serve fresh exotic fruit and vegetables sugar free dehydrated fruit products to Domestic of Thailand and to oversea customers and importer food business in the world. We currently own and operate facilities (pack houses and factory) in Chiang Rai province have GMP certificated which were specifically designed and structured to conform to HACCP principles. Our Plants and organic farming in Chiang Rai province have standardized certificate GAP and Organic EEC certificate document that will be warrantee of quality our products and friendly with our customer and consumers.
Our philosophy is " Fresh and Healthy from MOUNTAIN by MOUNTAIN PLUS "
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MOUNTAIN PLUS CO.,LTD.::The Exotic Fruit of Thailand+The Organic Farming of Thailand+IFOAM+Organic dehydrated fruits+Organic dried fruits+Organic sugar free dehydrated fruits+Organic young coconut+Organic coconut+Organic purple passion fruit+Organic dragon fruit+Organic banana+Jack fruit+Organic Durian+EEC Certificated+USDA Certificated+JAS Certificated+Producer Fresh Fruit and Vegetable of Thailand+Organic Farm in Thailand+Thai Exotic Fruits+Thai Fresh Produce+Organic Fruit+Eoxitc Farm Produce+Thai Mango+Ginger Mature+Mangosteen+Rambutan+Pithaya+Pineapple+Thai Papaya+Lychee+Thai Fresh Vegetables+Okra+Purple Asparagus+Baby Corn+Lemongass+Thai Chili+Mini Pak Choy+Sweet Basil+Cherimoya+Longan+Passion fruit+Tropical Fruit of Thai+Thai Fresh Vegetabls+Sugar Free Dry Fruit+Thai Dry Vegetables+Organic Farm of Thailand (EEC Certificated)+Organic dried pineapple ring+KC Fresh+Asia Exotic Fruit+Eurepgap+Exporter Thai Fruit +Vegetables+Thailand fresh fruit+Vegetables+Thai Organic Produce+Organic Thailand+River Kaew+Swift
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